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Red Faction: Guerrilla guys.  RF:G.  OMG, that game.  It was the best demo I’ve ever played, and it was probably one of my three favorite games from last generation. The singleplayer was fantastic, and the Wrecking Crew couch co-op mode was such a family-wide hit at my house that even my dad, who is in his 60’s and stopped gaming in the 70’s, played it on the holidays.

Such was the power of Red Faction: Guerrilla‘s procedural destruction engine.  If you have never played it, that’s bad and you should feel bad.  Furthermore, you no longer have any excuse since Nordic Games has just announced the release of the Red Faction: Guerrilla Steam Edition.  

Find it right here. (protip: for a very limited time, it’s on sale for $2.99)

Basically, Christmas has come early this year.

Steam Edition Feature Highlights:

-Added Steam Trading Cards
-DirectX 11 Render Backend instead of DirectX 10 (DirectX 9 still available as a fall-back option)
-Added Behemoth Mode (= Wrecking Crew Mode with Mechs)
-Matchmaking and Multiplayer via Steamworks
-Added Host Migration functionality
-Added Join in Progress functionality to join matches that have already started
-No Games for Windows Live sign-in required
-Leaderboards via Steam
-Voice Chat via Steam
-Achievements via Steam
-At first launch the game attempts to migrate savegames from GFWL to the new system
-Added Russian, Polish and Czech Localization -Added Achievements to DLC content -Fixed camera speed in vehicles -Steam offline mode enabled

Misc changes include: 

-Removed XP limitation for all multiplayer game modes.
-Added voice chat “push to talk” option. It’s enabled by default and it can be changed in the audio options. It’s binded to key “Z” by default.
-Added “Join chat” in matchmaking lobby. When using this option you will be joining RFG chat root
-Changed minimum player number for Siege and Large Mixer to 6
-Fixed mouse acceleration when driving walkers
-Added ability to view Steam Gamer profile in leaderboards and in-game scoreboard
-The time limit between lobby disconnects is doubled
-Minimum players required to start the team game is four and for normal game it’s three.
-Removed Aim Assist in Multiplayer
-Various Stability improvements



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