Rock Band 4 details from the London press event

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It takes me about an hour to get into central London by train so I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted from Rock Band 4. I’m not one to pin down specific expectations, but what I really wanted was just the core gameplay experience, not to be distracted by unnecessary bells and whistles, and not to be price gouged at purchasing the product. At the conclusion of the event I walked away thinking not only that each of those were met, but surpassed.

First the big details from the event:

  • This will be the only Rock Band for this gen. That’s great news, because you can feel safe that 9 months or a year from now Rock Band 5 won’t be asking you fork out again for a few dozen more tracks and some new game mode that you’ll barely play.
  • Previously purchased songs and DLC will carry over. Wait, what?! That’s fantastic. Daniel Sussman, the creator of the franchise, mentioned how difficult it was to work it out with the record companies but with great assistance from Sony and Microsoft they have managed to carry over the rights to all of your old tracks you might have from last gen to this gen (PS3 to PS4, 360 to Xbone). So in addition to the 60-70 songs on the Rock Band 4 disc, all your old stuff will be there too. Hooray!
  • All of the old instruments will be able to be played on the new systems. PS3 instruments can plug right into the PS4 USB for juice and will connect via bluetooth straightaway. Xbox 360 instruments will need an adapter that the dev team is hoping they will get to show off soon, E3 maybe? 

Those are the three biggest points to me and sets Rock Band 4 up to be precisely what it should be, a way to feel like a superstar in your own living room without having to be nickel’ed and dime’d to get there. I feel strongly that there will always be space in the market for these music rhythm type games. Or at least one music rhythm type game. It’s been 5 years since the last Rock Band release, but Harmonix claims over 100,000 people still play the game every month. A lot of people have a lot of fun with them and I feel like this gen was missing that. But to not only fill that gap, but bring all that content and memories with it, I am pleased. 

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