Rock Band 4 gets new mode and three new metal tracks

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Harmonix has announced the free feature update for December, and it’s gonna be brutal. Brutal mode that is. Today Harmonix introduced the Brutal Mode for Rock Band 4, a new gameplay challenge geared toward expert players. The Brutal Mode feature will be available starting tomorrow, and like its name, it reacts to the way you are playing your notes. The better you play, the harder it gets, and masters of this new mode will get a new Star threshold beyond Gold: The Crimson Star.

In addition to the new mode, there will be three new metal tracks available tomorrow for $1.99 each, including two that somewhat rival Iron Butterflies Live version of “In-A-Gada-Da-Vida”. Between the Buried and Me has “The Coma Machine” which checks in at an impressive 7+ minute long. In addition Opeth’s “Heir Apparent” is an even more impressive 9 minutes long. The last new metal song will be “Nevermore” from Symphony X, which only lasts a paltry 5:29. So you get the point about the new mode and the length of these metal songs? Here is the list and a couple of videos showing off the tracks and new Brutal Mode:

Brutal Mode


New Metal tracks!


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