Silver Mario Amiibo hits stores on May 29th. Hits Ebay on May 30th

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Ahh Amiibo’s, those cute little figurines that you can use with various games on the Wii U. That is of course if you are able to find any of them. I have 7 of them, Mario, Peach, Link, Zelda, Sonic, Samus and Sheik. Of course Mario, Link, Zelda and such were easy to find. Go into any store and you will see shelves full of them.

Unfortunately, finding a Shiek or Sonic was a challenge to say the least. Unfortunately since Nintendo loves to short stock their stuff that people want, the scalpers come out and swoop everything up. I have a feeling this won’t be any different. 

Nintendo has announced that a Silver Edition Mario Amiibo will be hitting store shelves on May 29th for $12.99. Just like the other Mario Amiibo’s, the Silver Edition can be used on the following games

  • Super Smash Brothers For Wii U
  • Mario Kart 8
  • Hyrule Warriors
  • Mario Part 10
  • Captain Toad Treasure Tracker 

I am going to assume that if you want one of these, like the Gold Mario Amiibo’s, you are going to have to pre-order immediately. If history has told me anything, it’s that pre-ordering Amiibo’s doesn’t even mean you’ll get one as I have had Amiibo pre-orders cancelled on me before. But hey, at least there will be plenty willing to sell you one on Ebay for about quadruple the price! Sigh… 


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