Splatoon getting one last Global Testfire and also comes with a discount

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Didn’t get enough Splatoon last weekend? Want to play it some more before the big launch later this month? Get ready to fire up that Wii U again as Nintendo has announced that one final Global Testfire will happen next weekend. Like the last weekend, the times they announced for the Global Testfire are a little confusing but Reddit user Slurmeee on /r/Splatoon put together a handy guide for all the time zones. 

  • 15:00 PT Sat/23 May (West Coast North America)
  • 18:00 ET Sat/23 May (East Coast North America)
  • 23:00 BST Sat/23 May (UK)
  • Midnight CEST Sun/24 May (Europe)
  • 8:00 AEST Sun/24 May (Australian East Coast)
  • 10:00 NZST Sun/24 May (New Zealand)

In addition. If you downloaded the Testfire during the previous session or during the upcoming one, you will receive a 10 percent discount on the digital copy of the game from the Nintendo eShop. The discount offer will be valid from May 29th when the game launches to June 4th.

I almost don’t want to play this cause it will make the wait for the game even harder than it is. This along with Mortal Kombat X are my most anticipated games this year. I instantly fell in love with Splatoon when I first saw it at E3. It’s just so refreshing to see something different, something new and unique with the shooter genre. I love all of the color in the game, it looks so beautiful and is nice to see something more than black, grey and brown which most shooters use these days. 


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