Stardock announces Offworld Trading Company, a resource trading game set on Mars

By GamingNexus On 28 Jan, 2015 At 12:00 PM | Categorized As Gaming Industry News | With 0 Comment

Stardock revealed Offworld Trading Company, a new economic RTS being developed by Mohawk Games.  The game is set in the future where the Earth has been drained of all of its natural resources and humanity has migrated to Mars to take advantage of it’s abundant resources.

The game is a real time market simulation which doesn’t sound like a lot of fun until you realize that you can cheat the system by sending mutants and pirates to attack your competitors and create fake shortages.  I think this takes Keynesian economics to another level which should make for some entertaining gameplay.  

The game is headed to Steam early access on February 12th and people bold enough to be early adopters will get 10% off the price of the game.  If you want more details about the game be sure to check out this video which dives into all the things you’ll be able to do in the game.


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