Super Mario Maker is out tomorrow

By GamingNexus On 10 Sep, 2015 At 08:00 AM | Categorized As Gaming Industry News | With 0 Comment

Nintendo’s big Q3 release, Super Mario Maker, is on store shelves and the Wii U eShop starting tomorrow, September 11th. If you haven’t heard the game allows you to construct your own custom Mario levels using assets and items from across the pantheon of Mario games.

Launching with the game are two 8-bit style Mario Amiibo figurines that are destined to become impossible to find about three seconds after they hit store shelves. One is themed with “modern colors” in that it mimics Mario’s current red and blue scheme, while the other is for NES purists who prefer Mario’s red and brown wardrobe from the original Super Mario Brothers. These Amiibo will make Mario gigantic when scanned over a Wii U Gamepad, and are likely to make Ebay scalpers equally gigantic profits when Nintendo inevitably fails to meet consumer demand for the figurines.

Wal-Mart will also be carrying an exclusive Wii U bundle that includes the modern color Amiibo and a copy of the game, for $299.99. In my review I really enjoyed Super Mario Maker but I felt that it was missing a few key features, hopefully to be implemented in DLC.


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