System Shock reanimates on GOG thanks to Night Dive Studios

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I’m squealing like a little kid on Christmas morning right now, which believe it or not doesn’t happen often. The sublime geniuses at Night Dive Studios have managed to update and port the original System Shock to modern PCs, courtesy of GOG. The classic horror RPG has been enhanced with modern mouselook controls and widescreen support, and now supports resolutions up to 1024×768, which is a considerable upgrade from the game’s origial 640×480 cap. Night Dive is making a habit of resurrecting classic games, having already worked their magic on System Shock 2 and with a planned release of the first two Turok games in the works.

When it arrived exactly 21 years ago on September 22nd 1994, System Shock was way ahead of its time–too far ahead, in fact. It pioneered the FPS-RPG hybrid gameplay that would become staples of the Deus Ex and Bioshock games, but its convoluted controls and then-staggering system requirements doomed it to obscurity. I’ve wanted to play it forever but getting it to run and play on modern hardware was a real hassle.

Its sequel System Shock 2 heavily inspired the Dead Space and Bioshock series, and I personally feel that Shock 2 is vastly superior to the Bioshock games in many respects, particularly its mastery of horror. Thanks to Night Dive, modern gamers can finally experience this groundbreaking series from the beginning. System Shock is available for $10 on GOG, with launch discounts available. 


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