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by: Nathaniel Cohen NEWS – That’s right, Saints Row IV wants to give you all the wubs that exist.  What is “wub” you ask?  Why “wub” is none other than the new national anthem – the dubstep national anthem.  Some may say it sounds like Transformers giving birth (and it totally does, but it a totally […]

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Horizon Festival Backdrop

Forza Horizon is almost here!  Bringing an open world approach and day/night cycles to the Forza series is really exciting.  This marks the first entry in the series where gamers will not be racing against just other drivers but the atmosphere of the world.  Players can stray away from the Horizon racing events and take […]

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Following the image leak of the railgun in Halo 4 over the weekend, we now get a look at the Spartan Laser in action courtesy of a video leak on Monday. Watching the powerful anti-vehicle weapon for the upcoming Xbox 360also clues us in on how it has changed fromHalo 3 and Halo: Reach. Like […]