The Whispered World makers take The Long Journey Home through space

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From its newly formed Daedalic Studio West, Daedalic Entertainment announces Project Daedalus: The Long Journey Home. (But I’m simply going with The Long Journey Home since it’s a more interesting title than Project Daedalus.) Daedalic basically owns the German point-and-click adventure game market with titles dominated by insanely beautiful artwork and insanely bad voice acting. But The Long Journey Home is different for them.

It’s space exploration. It’s procedurally generated solar systems. It’s populated with a variety of indigenous, wandering, xenophobic (and xeno-friendly) alien races. In the tradition of Daedalic Entertainment, it’s hired on a phenomenal artist to lead the way. The entire vision is “inspired by beloved science fiction from Farscape to Firefly.” Also—not gonna lie—it looks and sounds like a pared-down, polygonal No Man’s Sky, in a certain light. Does it look like I care? Gimme, Daedalic.

The Long Journey Home is the story of man’s first interstellar jump drive experiment gone horribly wrong. The jump drive warped you and your crew to the galaxy’s deep unknown. All you have to do is jump from system to system, finding your way back to Earth. Easy peasy.

The Long Journey Home arrives in the first quarter of 2016 for PC, Mac, and Linux, with “console versions planned.”



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