Three new characters announced for Project X Zone 2

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The first Project X Zone was one of those surprise hits for me. One of those games that I didn’t really see myself enjoying and I quickly found out that I couldn’t put it down. I also loved how big of a cross over game this was and wish we could get more games like this.

For those unaware of Project X Zone, it’s a game that combines characters from Sega, Capcom and Bandai Namco in a one game. These are strategy games, kinda like XCOM: Enemy Unknown where you each get a turn moving your characters around a grid, until you get near one of them and decide to attack. It’s pretty fun and can take some time to get use to if you aren’t familiar with these games. Each move is really critical as you can usually only do one thing per turn. Do you attack the enemy? Do you heal allies? Or do you try to quickly move out of dodge. One wrong move and your whole team can get wiped out. Thankfully the game is really fun so even if you end up having to do a level over, it won’t make you want to quit the game. 

Anyways, here are the three new characters announced for Project X Zone 2

  • Ingrid – Street Fighter Alpha 
  • Ryo Hazuki – Shenmue 
  • Estelle – Tales of Vesperia 

Project X Zone 2 will be released on February 16th 2016 and will be available on the Nintendo 3DS


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