TwitchCon 2015 announces panels and participating broadcasters

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Game streaming website Twitch has announced further details for its upcoming TwitchCon 2015 including the 40 panels that will be available as well as the 50 top broadcasters that will be in attendance. Also announced is that Finnish electronic dance DJ Darude will be performing at the afterparty. The 40 announced panels were selected from hundreds of applications and an in-depth review process since last April. The complete schedule of panels are listed on the TwichCon website.

The broadcasters that will be in attendance include:

2MGoverCsquared, ApproachingNirvana, Bacon_donut, Brownman, CaptainSparklez, Cirno_tv, CohhCarnage, CosmoWright, Dansgaming, dmbrandon, EatMyDiction1, eg_jwong, Ellohime, Ezekiel_iii, GassyMexican, GiantWaffle, GoldGlove, Gripsed, Iamsp00n, iiJeriichoii, imaqtpie, itmeJP, kittyplaysgames, Lethalfrag, Lirik, LOLrenaynay, ManVsGame, maximilian_dood, ms_vixen, Nightblue3, nl_kripp, OMGitsFirefoxx, PokerStaples, Reynad27, SethBling, Sevadus, Sodapoppin, Summit1g, Swiftor, TeamSp00ky, TheJustinFlynn, Timthetatman, Towelliee, Trick2g, and TrumpSC.

Tickets are available now for purchase for TwitchCon 2015, which is scheduled for September 25-26 at the Moscone West convention center in San Francisco.


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