U2 will make it’s videogame debut in Rock Band 4

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Rock Band 4 is just around the corner and the soundtrack is just about finalized at this point. If you are a fan of Rock Band and a fan of the band U2, then this should make you happy. Harmonix has announced that U2 will make their rhythm game debut in Rock Band 4.

The two songs that will be included on the soundtrack will be “Cedarwood Road” from their album Songs of Innocence and “I Will Follow” from their album Boy

As you would expect, “Cedarwood Road” and “I Will Follow” are just two of many songs from U2 that will be available in Rock Band 4 as more U2 songs will eventually make their way to the Music Store via DLC after launch. 

I’m not the biggest U2 fan but, Rock Band has turned me onto bands before, maybe the same thing will happen with Rock Band 4. 

The band gets back together soon as Rock Band 4 launches on October 6th for Xbox One and Playstation 4. 



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