Update: O’Bannon v NCAA: Damages finally set by Wilken

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It looks like this saga is finally coming to an end.

After a few years of build up, hilarious testimony by the NCAA, and a decision that was pretty clear by the end of the suit, damages have finally been awarded to the tune of $60 million in favor of Ed O’Bannon’s team.  Steve Berman, who represented O’Bannon’s team, commented on the final judgment.

We are pleased with the decision from Judge Wilken to approve the $60 million combined settlement that will be distributed to hundreds of student-athletes. This landmark decision marks the first time that student-athletes will be paid for their likeness or image, and stands as a huge victory in the ongoing fight for student-athletes’ rights.

Steve Berman’s full release can be read here.  With this statement and the final judgment, all that’s left to do is pay out players who filed to be a part of the case.  This has been one of the most polarizing cases that has effected both the gaming and the sports world, and I’m glad that it has a resolution.  Gamers are upset that they’ll probably never see a collegiate sports game again, but that’s beside the point here.  The proper decision was made and we can finally lock this issue away.


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