VD-Dev on making Ironfall: Invasion

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Ironfall: Invasion is coming to the European 3DS eShop on February 13th (later this month for America) and the game’s developer, French studio VD-Dev, has a dev diary explaining the making of the game. They run though the features, various control options and basic plot of the game.

What’s pretty amazing is that VD-Dev is still a tiny studio–only three guys–but they’ve managed a lot with Ironfall. They stripped the 3DS renderer down to assembly level code and rebuilt it for the impressive visuals they had planned for Ironfall. They also took a whole year to make the game’s multiplayer mode, stretching the dev cycle from 2 years to 3.

The last VD-Dev-developed game I played was the incredibly ambitious C.O.P. The Recruit way back in 2009. C.O.P. had stunning graphics and a massive sandbox scale for an original DS game but it was plagued by control and balance issues. Ironfall: Invasion looks even more ambitious, so hopefully VD-Dev has made it a smoother and more intuitive experience.


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