Watch Titan Souls flip back and forth between 2013 prototype and 2015 final release

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You’re armed with one arrow—and one hit point. Life is delicate and dangerous in Titan Souls. There’s a Steam demo out now—to see if you you’re the glutton for punishment you’ve always suspected. And pre-orders are available if nothing can stop you from fully realizing your masochistic tendencies on day one. 

Them backgrounds, though. 

The 16-bit backdrops and Titan Souls‘ tiny protagonist combine to look like a lonely, shifty-eyed cousin to Capybara’s upcoming Below. This video shows Titan Souls‘ artistic evolution from its Game Jam 2013 prototyping to its 2015 final-boss form. New engine, new art, and new music.

Titan Souls launches April 14 on Windows, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita.


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