WCW invades WWE 2K15

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Remember the Invasion angle from 2001 where WCW “invaded” WWE after it was purchased from Vince?  Yeah, didn’t turn out as well as it could have.  Something tells me this “invasion” will turn out much better.  2K has announced multiple DLC offerings for WWE 2K15.  First off is the WCW Pack that includes WCW superstars Bam Bam Bigelow, Diamond Dallas Page, Fit Finlay, Lord Steven Regal, and Lex Luger.  The WCW Pack is available for $7.99.

In addition there are also two playable versions of Hulk Hogan for $2.99 as well as two playable versions of Sting for $2.99 as well.  The Hogan offerings were initially a part of the WWE 2K15 HULKAMANIA Edition while the two versions of Sting were initially part of the WWE 2K15 pre-order offer.

Finally, fans who picked up the Season Pass can now download WWE Diva Paige.  Players who pick up the Season Pass will also receive, as they become available, access to the Accelerator and access to all three 2K Showcase stories (One More Match, Hall of Pain, and Path of the Warrior).


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