We Are the Dwarves could be like Gimli in spaaaaace

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The lines between science-fiction and fantasy-fiction can be blurry. That’s always a good thing, at least in my book. So, screw it: We Are the Dwarves casts three astronaut dwarves in armored spacesuits exploring alien worlds. Watch the video below and you’ll see why I’m in. Never mind, I’ll tell you. I’m in for the crispy visuals. I’m in for the axe-swinging fun of it. I’m in for the sharp-lined U.I. And I’m in for the dwarves’ never-say-die approach to getting home. These guys are looking for something to save their people from a dying sun. I hope they play up the astronaut part a lot more in-game, though. I mean, if the video didn’t tell me, then I probably wouldn’t assume there’s anything astronautical going on here.

And I’m also curious what these “environments that bend normal thought conception”—as they’re described in the press release—could possibly be. The video doesn’t show off anything too crazy in that regard. The three dwarves carry distinct playstyles. It looks like one is up close and personal, the second is a long-distance shooter, and the third is stealthy. Also, the slow-mo you see in the video is additionally used to queue up multiple actions for your dwarves.

This is the first game from Whale Rock, an Eastern European developer with expatriates from Metro: Last Light, Dragon Age: Inquisition, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., and the Elder Scrolls Online

We Are the Dwarves (kind of a rad name, by the way) is out of nowhere and coming quick to PC. February 2016.


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