Xavier Wood’s Youtube page "Up Up Down Down" is incredible

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If you watch WWE then you probably know of Xavier Wood’s from the group The New Day. Before I continue, I gotta do it….




Now that I got that out of my system… Xavier Woods is of course a WWE wrestler, but did you know he is also a huge gamer? He also his own Youtube Channel called “Up Up Down Down” and it’s amazing. 

It’s great to see wrestlers out of character and just hanging out backstage and playing videogames. Some shows on the channel include “Gamer Gauntlet” where a group of wrestlers play against each other, usually in fighting games, “Jump Scares” where they play horror games, and “Gameplay Sessions” where they just chill, play videogames and shoot the breeze. 

If you love WWE and videogames, you should check it out. 

Here is Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston in a Mortal Kombat X grudge match with Damien Sandow, Jey Uso and Heath Slater looking on. Maybe we will see them at EVO one day? 


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